October 2014

RT @Array: Gamification of Science: Bewegungssteuerung für Rastertunnelmikroskop /dv http://t.co/ekVLrwWlIp
Bild: FZ Jülich http://…

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RETWEET if you’re loving Barry and Felicity together! @EmilyBett @grantgust

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RT @Array: Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Teil 1 (2018) & Teil 2 (2019) sind bestätigt. http://t.co/GG2m9aaNHq

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RT @Array: Captain Marvel und Inhumans sind für 2018 bestätigt. http://t.co/wifLrsZZGL

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RT @Array: Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 und Black Panther sind für 2017 bestätigt. http://t.co/AOTIm8Bz65

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RT @Array: An Inbox designed to help you get stuff done. New from the @Array team → http://t.co/ffTJdLZFwD http://t.co/rL6zxewOlf

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Introducing Examples >> A vast online library of examples demonstrating how to use and buff.ly/1vyoeSm

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RT @Array: Bericht: Sparkassen möchten bei Apple Pay mitmischen http://t.co/V8I6dg3Eux #Array #Array

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Mein Umstieg von Wordpress auf Pelican (statischer Blog Generator in Python): http://t.co/TNZg1FYOnr

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RT @Array: We’ve open-sourced 750 Material Design icons, now available in SVG, PNG & as Spritesheets https://t.co/qbvnS7NyST http://t…

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RT @Array: “If you want to work at @Array, make sure you can use MatLab.” >> Jonathan Rosenberg, former svp/product management http://t.c…

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iPad Air 2 is here! Watch the live event now.
apple.com/live/ pic.twitter.com/vvhCmz1J8G

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RT @8obbyanderson: Did you send me that high res logo? pic.twitter.com/ah1FgcwunO

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RT @Array: The life of a hero can be a full time job. #Array is all new Tuesdays at 8/7c!

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Announcing MATLAB release 2014b: new graphics, big data, source control integration, and more! buff.ly/1vOf4B5 pic.twitter.com/RKxA3KsKQP

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20 yrs ago, Stefan Hell publ an article about stimulated emission depletion (STED) pic.twitter.com/h1OSec0kQM

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„Google News & Wetter“ von Google, Iappsto.re/de/4BSD2.iGpic.twitter.com/3slL83tZEatZEa

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RT @Array: Es werde Licht: Der diesjährige Nobelpreis für Physik geht an drei Japaner für die Erfindung der blauen LED http://t.co/…

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Fools Garden (bekannt durch Song Lemon Tree) live in Bar Celona Finca :)

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