February 2012

iPad 3 Ahoy! Apple Invites Press to March 7 Event to ‘Touch’ Something via Mashable

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Possible resolution to the faster-than-light neutrino observations: a faulty data connection news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider…

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Wer denkt Killerspiele machen aggressiv, der ist noch nie die Regenbogenstrecke bei Mariokart gefahren!!! goo.gl/XV3qI

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The scale of the universe (enhanced)! Even more awesome and explorable images.4channel.org/f/src/589217_s…

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A whole new way to interact w/ Wolfram|Alpha-introducing Wolfram|Alpha Pro. Start your free trial! wolfr.am/AtHDwh

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Trailer zum neuen Spider-Man. Gefällt. bit.ly/wwcID2 (via @iheartpluto)

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