May 2014

@teeveeapp hi. When i activate trakt sync my trakt history is full of manually marked Special 0 Episodes from EVERY show, even with 3.0.1

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RT @Array: “@Array: 2006 - 2014 Kitty Pryde and Ice Man #Array @Array @Arrayâ… TIME …

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RT @Array: IPython and Plotly: A Rosetta Stone for MATLAB, R, Python, and Excel plotting

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It’s official! We’ll launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg later this year.

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RT @Array: Ich habe alle Trailer der Serien kommender TV-Saison zusammengestellt:

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»iPad-Netzteile: Original und Nachbau ein Vergleich«, via @Array —

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Spell Up. Speak to play and build up your English.

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RT @Array: Seriously cool. You can now watch a live stream of Earth from the International Space Station: ht…

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RT @Array: Our week of @Array tutorials continues! Program Arduino with your Raspberry Pi

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RT @Array: Wann habt ihr zuletzt eure Passwörter geändert? Hilfreiche Tipps zum #Array: 

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RT @Array: Come and get it! Atom is now available to everyone—completely free and open source

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Use Rasberry Pi or Arduino? Check out Plotly’s Workshop page for realtime streaming projects.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

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