January 2014


New PlayStation App update brings PS4 video streams to your mobile device, learn more: engt.co/1fs9rzJ pic.twitter.com/9HTbBnCbOq

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RT @Array: Wenn Physiker Logos hätten: http://t.co/bMPocnTd2x

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Reddit loves Cats so here is one battling the USPS youtu.be/wKHrBW3keNE

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Endlich: Amazon über Ipad und HDMI Connector auf dem Fernseher ansehenpic.twitter.com/EvtAKoBwsee

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Matlab2Gwyddion: Save Matlab data from SPM/AFM scans for use with Gwyddion matlab.my/1igdDWG

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Node.js + Socket.io + AngularJS Einstieg: http://t.co/AUC3hZ1fbe

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Day & Night in NYC in 1 photo pic.twitter.com/7ptIL6O2OB

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Star Wars Imperial March with Floppy and Arduino youtu.be/B_Q6jMUdfYc

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Screenshots of computer code from movies and what the code is actually doing. moviecode.tumblr.com

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