July 25th, 2017

RT @Array: Seltenes Naturschauspiel durch Dauerregen: Sonne und Vollmond dicht nebeneinander rot verfärbt! https://t.co/4UkhUSFvOk

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RT @Array: Introducing Soft U2F—a software-based U2F authenticator for macOS. https://t.co/n3adKu2sR6 https://t.co/Rl2p1u6y18

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@n26 @MastercardEU Thx, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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@n26 @MastercardEU Cool :) Is it already usable? Your blog post states “N26 is NOW 3D secure”, here you say it will be implemented soon…

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Heads up! Soon @n26 will implement @MastercardEU’s . Read more about the feature on our blog. goo.gl/g2s7Re

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